A Short Business History

Website Style has been in the web business since January 1st of 2004 when it changed business direction and name. The company was previously called Data Solutions, having been started in 1999 as a primarily programming and database oriented company. The owner, Nicole Hernandez, felt that when the company took such a drastic focus change toward web development, that it would be best to change the name as well.

In the past, while functioning as Data Solutions, the focus was on software development and database architecture. A good deal of work was done for desktop application development, as well as integration with internet software and multi-location linked databases.

However, the owner discovered a passion for website design and website applications while working in software. At that point, it was becoming obvious that there was a growing frustration among users about being tied to their desktop computer for their software. Seeing that, it was not a far-fetched idea to guess that the next big need would be in finding ways to make people more mobile by creating web applications.

After educating herself in the industry, and seeing a need, the owner shifted the focus of the business toward web, and felt that it should have a name that conveyed what that new focus was. The primary focus of Website Style is not in creating web applications, however. It is a company that designs the user interface for websites.