Subtly Interactive

In the 90’s the web industry used a lot of animation in design – today we know better.

There are many reasons not to have your website bouncing around on the screen. First of all, it’s distracting. Second, the flashing caused by some ‘flickering’ or repeating animations can trigger seizures in some people (like we know strobe lights do).

What we do think is acceptable is a very subtle level of interactive animation. Soft, slow, transitions that fade in or out. Simple hover effects that tell the user they are about to do something. A soft glow added to something that has changed. These things are acceptable levels of interactivity.

It is possible to make a site ‘feel’ interactive without having to take an ‘in your face’ sort of approach with lots of animation that bounces all over.

This is something we feel is important to keep a tight reign on. We don’t want your site to feel overdone.