Brand Development

Make People Remember Your Business

How often have you looked at a design or logo and been able to name the company just by that logo? Large businesses know that a logo and associated color will stick in someones memory. A logo is one element of branding, but it is so much more and less at the same time.

What is Branding?

At its core, branding asks one fundamental question:

Ideally, how would you like a happy customer to describe your business to a friend?

Every business has a way to answer that question.

Your brand is an attitude, an ethic, an all-around personality that reflects from your business and that people remember.

A brand is enforced by materials (logos, colors, etc..) but the brand itself comes from the core. Your brand is how your business operates, how you see it, how others see it, and where it’s going.

What Should My Business Brand Be Like?

It’s important to be realistic. If your business is a small, cozy feeling cafe located on the waterfront – don’t attempt to brand yourself as a high-end establishment catering to those of refined taste in teas.

People will see your branding, show up at your business, and be disappointed. They will feel misled. There is nothing at all wrong with people talking about your business as ‘small and cozy’ – that description will appeal to your ideal customer.

If you are ‘small and cozy’ and don’t want to be that way – that’s another issue altogether. Brands can be changed, but it has to be more than the marketing to make it effective, it would have to be a core change to your business.

Isn’t Branding Just For Big Business?

Absolutely not. An actor, writer, singer, and sports player ARE their brand. Every size business can, and should, have a brand that people remember them by. It’s a unique identification (think cattle-branding) that people recognize as your business.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

How We Help Brand

We can help you solidify what you consider your brand, and create materials you can use to enforce that brand regularly. The use of a logo, specific colors, business cards and other print marketing materials are things that remind people of your brand. It’s very important to regularly enforce your brand.

Our brand developers will help you to determine the type of branding you want for your company and will create for you a logo, color scheme, letterhead, envelopes and business cards for your website and for use on printed materials.

Brand development is typically a one-time investment unless you decide you want to change your image. Once your total brand concept is solid, we provide the graphic files for all the print materials we create and you simply take them to a printer to run off more copies any time you need them.

Getting Started

Let’s talk about your ideas, contact Website Style and let us provide you with a personal Account Manager who will get you started on the road to making your brand solid and memorable.