Custom Site Design

Getting a Unique Design

The average website visitor spends 8 seconds deciding if they want to look around a website or leave to visit another one.

Custom Designs Have Impact

One of the most important aspects to your website is visual impact. We makes sites that look amazing. Beautiful design can make your visitor pause and look around your site for a while longer. It can create interest and spark curiosity.

We understand that website visitors often browse hundreds of sites in a day, and we know how to make your site stand out to them so they actually stop for a moment and read it.

Custom Designs Enforce Your Brand

A custom design integrates your existing (or new brand development) into a total look that represents your business.

Your logo and colors, the industry focus of your business, as well as your company goals and general personality are all integrated into a custom design.

There will be no mistaking that the site has been tailor-made for your business.

Custom Designs Are Better Than Templates

A template is a design that can be reused over and over. It is highly suggested that each client have a custom web design created to reflect their business.

Yes, we have some template designs available to you in the case that you are truly not ready for a custom design. Those designs are available for the general public to use on many sites, and that is the primary downfall of templates – they are not unique.

If you are serious about your business, we strongly suggest against using a template design that many others have used.

A custom web design allows a graphic artist to tailor a design for you that no one else in the world has.

Our designs are crafted by expert graphic artists – people who are skilled and trained in the art of taking your business ideas and creating a visual representation that has powerful impact.

Getting Started

Let’s talk about your ideas, contact Website Style and let us provide you with a personal Account Manager who will get you started on the road to your new custom website design.