Website Management

Fully Managed Websites

We understand that not everyone has a full technical staff to handle their website. That’s why you have access to our technical team.

Our website management is handled by creating a custom maintenance plan for your website needs. This custom maintenance plan is crafted by your personal Account Manager at the beginning of your project, after they have gained an understanding of your needs and technical resources.

What Does Maintenance Involve?

Typical website maintenance includes technology services such as software updates and regular site backups.

However, our website management is more than just technical.

Your personal Account Manager remains your point of contact permanently. Unlike most web shops, we don’t just move on to the next client after your project is done.

You and your Account Manager stay in touch and they are there to answer any questions you have. It’s more than tech support – your Account Manager can advise you on good directions to take your site for the future.

It all goes back to our core process – we believe that creating long-term relationships with our clients is vital to our business.

For Companies With IT Staff

If you have an existing information technology staff, we offer the option of training your staff to explain to them how the site should be updated and handled.

However, many companies find it more cost effective for our team to handle the site maintenance, versus dedicating a full-time employee to the job.

Getting Started

Let’s talk about your ideas, contact Website Style and let us provide you with a personal Account Manager who will get you started on the road to your new website or site redesign. Based on your needs, we will create a maintenance plan to suit.