Website Re-Designs

Time to Redesign

Common Question: Should I Redesign?

You should redesign your website every two years.

Design trends shift regularly, and new technology is constantly being developed.

Your business should reflect that you are up-to-date, modern, aware and able to embrace new technology – a good redesign can help make that happen.

Periodic Website Redesign & Modernizing

Most of the time, a redesign should not be a drastic change in the look of your site.

A strong redesign functions as a series of changes that allow your visitors to still realize they are on the correct site, while being happy with all the new functionality.

Some simple examples might be creating better page structure, easier to use navigation, better contrast and typography for reading, and integration with new technologies such as social networking and bookmarking sites. There is quite a range in what could be needed for your site, and it is dependent on what point your site is at currently.

Contact us and we’ll have a personal Account Manager evaluate your site, and provide you an entire workup on how we feel it could be improved.

Total Website Redesign

There are still times when a total redesign is necessary.

We have seen this need arise from different causes, but one of the most common ones is not having created solid branding and a website that works for the needs required from the beginning.

If you need a full redesign, we strongly recommend you make it possible to do less drastic redesigns in the future as technology develops. The best way to create a strong site from the beginning is to take the time to develop your brand fully (logos, colors, overall image, etc..) and also to create a site that not only represents that brand, but technologically has the ability to expand over time as new technology comes about.

If your site is very outdated, or does not at all reflect the image you want your business to convey – contact us and a personal Account Manager will evaluate your current site and provide you with guidance in creating a strong site as a full new design.