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New Design Released for Newsprint Lovers!

This is a new design that I created in February 2007. I had a very specific idea in mind when I set out to make this - I wanted a newspaper look for the web. This design is ideal for a site that is focused on content.

If you try adding pictures in to your content, they actually show up tons more because of the monochromatic style of the design - this is good if you create content based sites because not only is your actual text content featured, if you do use images they aren't competing with a bunch of other images in the design. [Continue Reading]

Design Features.

  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS code.
  • Accessible design. (Section 508 & WAI AAA)
  • Fluid resizable layout.
  • Tested successfully in the following browsers:
    • Firefox (Win, Linux & Mac)
    • Netscape (Win)
    • Opera (Win & Linux)
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer (5.01, 5.5, 6, 7)
    • Epiphany
    • Galeon
    • Konqueror
    • SeaMonkey
    • Flock
  • No images used in the design. 1 placeholder image provided.
  • Two color themes included.
  • Sub-page Print version included.
  • Formatting examples on sub-page.

How To Use This Design.

I am freeing this template according to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. That license gives you the right to use this template in any way (commercial or non-commercial), make changes to it, create things based on it, etc... so long as an attribution is made to the author.

Per this license, please leave the link at the bottom of the footer to my site, though you are free to change the text of that link (such as, 'Based on a design by', etc..) to suit your needs. You can also, alternatively, put a link in your 'About' page or other page as appropriate.

Color Themes Provided.

There are two color themes provided for the design. The first is the default color theme using the grayscale black / white / grey look. The second color theme is more of a sepia tone design, and uses hues of a yellowed brown look. However, if you do not like either of these color themes, it is extremely easy to create your own. I have split up the CSS files so that the background color is held in a separate CSS file than the main layout CSS. This makes it much easier to change the colors or offer alternate color themes to your users.

Help with the Design.

I have also included a help text file explaining how to do some of the more common changes to the design. The questions covered include the basics like how to create a new color theme, how to alternate background colors on the sidebar, how to add links, and so on. If you have additional questions, you can visit the page for this design on my website.